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Avalon Elementary School

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District Update - June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Staff: 

Over the last several months, our district and community have responded to the COVID-19 crisis with energy and ingenuity.  With the sudden economic downturn, the shelter in place order and school closures across the state, the South Lake Schools leadership team and staff immediately provided students and families with frequent communication and educational resources.   As a community, we came together to provide food, technology and other essentials to the most vulnerable in our midst. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not the only tragedy to strike our country this spring. A little over two weeks ago, the tragic events in Minneapolis demonstrated that change is needed in how we engage with each other.  Just as COVID-19 has changed how we think about work and life; so also should the death of George Floyd focus our attention on how we can fight racism and engage with mutual respect.  

As a diverse school community, South Lake Schools has demonstrated the value and importance of creating and sustaining a positive learning environment for all students.  Our students and staff pursue excellence in learning, while our alumni demonstrate the power of a SLS education. 

Education is an essential part of positive social change. As a district, we model the importance of respect and civility; our students and staff think critically, act justly, and engage with respect. As a district we encourage our community to join in that commitment during this challenging time and seek to have constructive conversations, strengthening interpersonal relationships and bringing about positive change.

Given the tragic and traumatic nature of these recent events, we recognize that many of our students and families are hurting.  This is a crucial time for parents and guardians to compassionately listen to and provide support for their children.  If you need help with these conversations or are concerned about your child, please reach out to our staff or visit the Macmb Intermediate School District Resources page at

At South Lake Schools, we will always strive for a culture of caring and inclusivity that embraces all members of our community. We truly believe an excellent education can make a real difference in the lives of our children and in our society, and we will continue to design opportunities that encourage EVERY learner to achieve their ultimate potential. 


Theodore VonHiltmayer